It is exciting for you to watch as your baby gets their first set of teeth, but you might be wondering,

“how long does teething last?”

As a parent, you might not understand everything that comes with teething, and how to relieve the symptoms of it.

Teething can be a very stressful time for both the parent and child,

But it all depends on the severity of the symptoms.

For some babies, it seems as if teething symptoms never end; while others seem to just wake up one day with 20 teeth and nary a symptom to speak of.

So how long should you really expect teething to last?

Generally about 2 years, but as we will see, it can vary considerably from child to child.

What Age Do Babies Start Teething?

The average age that babies start teething is around 6 months, but this varies significantly from infant to infant. Some babies start teething as early as 3 months, while others may not start teething until 12 months.

The length of teething and order varies greatly as well. Plenty of babies are have been known to get their teeth ‘out of order’.

How Long Does Teething Last Overall?

The process for all 20 of their baby teeth to grow in place, it usually takes about 2-3 years. Before the tooth erupts through the gums to be visible, most babies will experience bothersome teething symptoms for a few days.

In extreme cases, some babies will experience these teething symptoms for weeks before the eruption of the tooth. This doesn’t mean that the teething symptoms will last the whole time the baby teeth are coming in. The symptoms usually subside until the next tooth is ready to come in. Symptoms vary greatly for each child, so be careful to look out for signs your baby is teething. Be aware that teething does not cause or have a direct correlation with vomiting, fever, diarrhea, or a rash.

teething baby experiencing signs of teething for couple days

How Long Does Teething Last Per Tooth?

One research study done in 1999, Parent beliefs about infant teething: A survey of Australian parents attempted to find out how long teething lasts per tooth by looking at how long the symptoms persisted.

A very tiny number of parents said their babies experienced no teething signs and symptoms; most said symptoms lasted 1-3 days.

The typical baby teeth order is Incisors, Molars, Canines, and Second Molars. It is possible that your baby has one tooth at a time grow in, or your baby can have multiple teeth grow in at once. This will affect the teething length considerably, as well as the associated symptoms.

The Experiences of Mom’s Dealing With Teething

As stated previously, teething dramatically differs from symptoms to teething length based on the child.

Many mothers report that the first tooth arrived months after initial teething symptoms, but after that, it takes a few days to a week for new teeth to come in.  During this time before the initial tooth, it is common for your baby to exhibit teething symptoms and for you as the parent to see hints of the white teeth below the gum.

On the other hand, some mothers report that symptoms and tooth eruption all happen within a week of each other. For some children, it is a short process, but for others, it is prolonged and uncomfortable. This just shows that teething is really a unique experience for each child.

mom with teething baby wondering how long teething will last

Relieving The Discomfort of Teething

As the mother or father of your infant, you want to ease and soothe the discomfort and teething symptoms babies experience while their teeth come in. Applying pressure and cold objects to gums during teething helps relieve much of the pain. This can be done by:

  • Using a clean finger to apply pressure to the gum
  • Using a cold spoon (chilled in the fridge) to apply pressure
  • Providing safe and all-natural teething toys
  • Wear a silicone teething necklace
  • Get an amber teething necklace

How Do I Know What Teething Products Are Safe?

Natural teething remedies are the first teething relief options you should look into, and teething toys and silicone teething necklaces are one of the easiest and most playful options. Teething toys should be phthalate & BPA free, both of which are known toxic chemicals in plastic toys. Your best bet for teething toys is if they are made out of silicone. Another natural teething remedy is Baltic Amber teething necklaces that provide numerous benefits to soothe teething signs and symptoms.

Rest assured that all of the teething products sold by Kute Keiki are safe, all-natural, and will provide excellent teething relief to a teething baby.

Despite the difference in experiences, teething is said to last about a week per tooth at random intervals until 3 years of age.