Teething pain and fussiness are already bad enough as it is.

If your baby is also suffering from diarrhea, they are likely downright miserable.

But are the two connected – can teething cause diarrhea?

Can Diarrhea Be A Direct Symptom Of Teething?

While many parents believe that diarrhea is a symptom of teething, it is not.

If your infant has diarrhea while teething, the best explanation is that when your baby is teething, they’re probably also looking for anything – and everything – to chew on to comfort their sore gums. Unfortunately, this means picking up and mouthing objects not intended for teething and ingesting bacteria. This onslaught of germs can cause diarrhea.

There are many other illnesses that parents tend to associate with teething including ear infections, fever during teething, urinary tract Infections, vomiting, and other gastrointestinal conditions. The truth is, none of these are typical teething symptoms and could be a sign of a more severe illness that parents overlook.

baby is teething and sick with diarrhea

How To Care For Babies With Diarrhea During Teething

The best thing you can do is be very vigilant about what your baby puts in her mouth at all times. While mouthing toys is what babies do, it is also what causes illness, including diarrhea.

Additional measures you can take to manage diarrhea include:
  • Make sure they’re getting plenty of fluids. Regardless of the cause, babies with diarrhea are at risk for dehydration.
  • Adjust their diet – choose water and breastfeeding over juice, and avoid foods that encourage bowel movements like prunes and pears. Rice cereal and bananas can help with more solid and regular BMs.
  • Regularly sanitize toys and offer plenty of clean, safe teething toys during active teething periods. Kute Keiki offers a variety of teething toys, silicone teething necklaces, and Baltic Amber teething necklaces that are hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria, plus are super easy to clean in the dishwasher or with soap and water.

If symptoms do not get better within 3 days, see your doctor.

So Can Teething Cause Diarrhea In My Baby?

There are many misconceptions of symptoms associated with teething, as the case is with teething and diarrhea, but most often, babies show signs of irritability, touching their face/ears, and drooling. These symptoms can naturally lead to other behaviors such as disruptive sleep, a disinterest in solid food, teething rash, and the urge to bite and chew to get the soothing relief that counter pressure on the gums provides.

If your teething infant does have diarrhea, fever, or vomiting, it could be a more serious illness. Monitor them closely and treat the symptoms separately – do not assume these symptoms are related to teething.