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Our Story

Kute Keiki is rooted in the Hawaiian saying, “Na keiki o ka ʻāina,” or “the children of the land.” From this saying, it is understood that we are a product of our environment which is also a reflection of our health. Aloha – love, mālama – nurture, and ʻāina – nature, are the pinnacles of a balanced and healthy lifestyle and the values that we strive for in our work.

As parents, we believe that “we do not inherit the land from our ancestors, but rather we borrow it from our children.” The health of our keiki is a reflection of the health of our future. “Pulama i nā keiki,” means to cherish the children. To support these cherishing moments, Kute keiki advocates for natural and alternative options, where possible. We actively seek this through the latest scientific information available, while making it accessible and understandable for every parent, guardian, and family.

Our Purpose

We exist in a world where information, especially that of scientific research, is easily accessible. However, we understand that some of this information can be locked within the barriers of complicated language and jargon. Kute Keiki believes that information that can assist in raising our beautiful children of the future deserves accessibility. 

We are here to teach and we are here to learn. To perpetuate a world where the well-being of children is the priority of parents and companies, Kute Keiki creates a space and community to share valuable knowledge of health and child development, so that we may pass it on to future generations.

Our Vision

As holders of knowledge, we possess the ability to make positive changes in our lives and in the environment around us. Informing and educating ourselves can steer the direction of our health and the health of those around us.

By informing our communities, Kute Keiki envisions better informed consumer decisions leading to an improved market for optimizing baby health and development. Because our children deserve to grow into the beautiful and healthy beings that they are.

Our Mission




Check out our Kute Keiki blog to find information about child health and development backed by scientific research.

We believe optimal child growth and development should be effortless and follow the most natural method possible.

Sharing information and being transparent is the way that we as parents can make a difference in our childrenʻs lives.

What Makes Us Different

Scientifically Proven

Backed by science, nature, and ancient wisdom.

Socially Responsible

Informing so that parentʻs make their own decisions.

Natural and Safe

Health should never come with side effects.

ʻOhana Inspired

Providing a community for parents to learn and engage in growing healthy, beautiful children.

‘ōlelo ‘oe iā mākou!

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