Silicone Teething Toys

Soothing Texture

Multi-Sensory Stimluation

Optimal Development

Elephant Teether Toy

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Squirrel Teether Toy

squirrel teething 3 circle
squirrel teething toy front back
squirrel baby teether features
squirrel baby teething toys
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Unicorn Teether Toy

Safety BPA-Free Baby Teething Silicone Unicorn
Unicorn baby teething toys
Unicorn baby teether features
Unicorn teething toys for babies
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Benefits of Kute Keiki Baby Teething Toys

Facilitates Tooth Development

Encourages Autonomy

Enhances Early Motor Skills

Strengthens Visual Cortex

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Assists Grip Training

Kute Keiki ensures our products are 100% safe, all-natural, and positively contribute to the development and well-being of all keiki.

100% Food Grade Silicone

Sourced from a naturally abundant earth mineral, silicone does not contain any harsh, risky chemicals.

All-Natural & Non-Toxic

 Excellent texture for teething keiki and inert, so that it wont react with heat or chemicals. Safety first!

Fun and Colorful Designs

Created to keep your keiki entertained, distracted from teething troubles while providing benefits of growth and development.

The Perfect Gift

Share your aloha by gifting a baby teething toy to a teething keiki you know and love!

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