Spreading Aloha With Keiki

Keiki means “child, or children,” in Hawaiian.

Keiki make us happy and we should make sure they are happy too.

We believe in a world where health is at the forefront of child growth and development. We learn to teach and teach to learn.

Kute Keiki is built on values of

aloha – love

mālama – nurture

‘āina – nature

Teething Troubles

Fussy baby? Teething is an experience every child will endure. Unfortunately for many, this means having to go through the fussing and scuffing of teething pains. To alleviate these teething symptoms, keiki will try to get their hands on anything to bite, gnaw, and counteract the teething pain. With an array of teething relief options, safe and natural solutions should never come second.

At Kute Keiki, we have done the research on what there is to know about baby teething and the best alternatives to conventional teething relief solutions. Explore the depths of teething at the Keiki Hub.

What Makes Us Different

Scientifically Proven

Backed by science, nature, and ancient wisdom.

Socially Responsible

Providing a future for all keiki we can be proud of.

Natural and Safe

Health should never come with side effects.

ʻOhana Inspired

Providing a community for families to thrive.