Keiki, or ‘child’ in Hawaiian, 

make us happy.

We should make sure

they are happy too.


We are all keiki o ka ‘aina– “children of the land.” We know that all children go through important milestones, such as their first steps, their first words and sounds, and their first teeth growing in.

Kute Keiki products place your child’s health and safety at the forefront as they learn and explore the world around them.

Teething Toys

Teething babies experience discomfort and pain as their teeth erupt through the gums. To alleviate their pain, many babies gnaw and bite on everything and anything to put counter-pressure on their aching gums.

Kute Keiki baby teething toys are textured, colorful, and made from 100% Food-Grade Silicone, which is hypo-allergenic and resistant to bacteria.

Relieve your baby’s teething symptoms with our all-natural teething toys!

Our Story

Kute Keiki was built based on our values of aloha and enhancing the bond between parent and child.

We aspire to improve a market filled with low-quality products and misinformation on optimizing baby health and growth.

We believe in a world where the well-being of children is the priority of parents and companies.

We actualize our beliefs by providing high-quality products and well-researched information to ensure the beautiful Keiki of the world are growing to their fullest potential.