Spreading Aloha Through Keiki

Keiki means

“child, or children,”

in Hawaiian.

We know that all keiki go through important milestones, such as taking their first step, saying their first word, or growing their first tooth.

And with every step through each milestone, keiki are growing, developing and learning to navgiate through every journey they come across.

In Hawaiian, it is understood that we are all “keiki ‘o ka ‘āina,” or children of the land. As keiki learn to explore the world around them, Kute keiki strives to put your child’s health and safety at the forefront of optimal development.

The health of our keiki is a reflection of the health of our future. “Pulama i nā keiki,” means to cherish the children. To support these cherishing moments, Kute keiki advocates for natural and alternative options, where possible.

Keiki make us happy

and we should make sure

they are happy too.

Teething Toys

Although teething is a milestone for a baby and parents, it isn’t always the easiest experience.

There are far and few keiki that will go through teething like a breeze. In most cases, however, a baby’s first tooth eruption will lead to teething symptoms that will indisputably occur and lead to teething pain and discomfort.

To alleviate these teething symptoms, keiki will try to get their hands on anything to bite, gnaw, and counteract the teething pain.

Although there is an array of teething relief options, it is our kuleana, or responsibilty, to provide the safest and most natural teething relief options possible.

We believe the safety and health of keiki are essential to optimal development and a prosperous well-being,

Kute Keiki Teething Toys Are:

All natural


100% Food Grade silicone

Resistant to harmful bacteria

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Our Story

Kute keiki was built on values of aloha, mālama i keiki, a me ka ‘āina. Values of love, caring for children, and for the land. Through these values, we strive to enhance the cherishing bond between parent and child. We believe in a world where the well-being of children is the priority of parents and companies.

Kute keiki aspires to improve the market for optimizing baby health and development by providing high-quality products and well-researched information to the world. We want to ensure that all beautiful keiki of the world are growing to their fullest potential!